Wristwatch for kids


Real-time positioning and route view

Wristwatch is equipped with GPS sensitive receiver, to accurately retrieve your kid’s real time location. When your kids get into their school or high buildings, the watch will utilize AGPS for locating. Binh Anh server based on BTS station for your kid locating. Update interval can be adjusted, shortest interval is 01 minute Battery can last for 04 days, suitable for kid out-going, picnics without parental supervision. Parents can feel assured to know where their children are by only few simple gestures on their mobile phone.


Two-way talk mode

Parents can talk with their children by 2-way talk mode. Phone numbers out of saved contact will be blocked for SMS or phone call.  Wristwatch includes microphone, so that parents can hear the surrounding sounds of their kids via remote voice functions


Electronic restricted zone and warning for disassembling

Its smart software creates a restricted zone; if kids go out of this zone, warning will be sent to their parents. Furthermore, this watch can detect the disassembling of watch, then give out warning


Emergency button

There is a SOS button, so that in case of emergency, kid can press this button, then smart watch will automatically contact 3 persons: father, mother, and supervisor.


Other information

  • Warranty: 01 year
  • Mobile software has versions for iOS and Android.
  • Accessories include manuals and charger.
  • Control access for the watch is granted for maximum 03 mobile phone numbers