Taxi navigation software

DVT_Form tiep nhan

Typical features

  • Retrieve number of incoming call, take information of incoming call (VIP passenger, close passenger, agency customer, re-call customer, fresh passenger)
  • Connection between retrieved call to the call centers (IP call center, analog call center, record memory stick)
  • Monitor, replay the record of incoming, outgoing calls
  • Digial map, taxi’s GPS are integrated to show its location from its position, then nearest taxi will be assigned for passenger pickup
  • Advanced nagivation procedure. No more paper, navigation is not by human anymore, but by the computer. Convinient for monitoring, statistics, history reference
  • Integrated automatic dialing, pressing only one button for passenger calling
  • Support for fare reference, map searching. Automatic region pickup, automatic channel grouping in the night time.
  • Report system:

    o   Report on incoming call (replay the record of incoming call)

    o   General report on calls by shift, date, month, year

    o   Report on outgoing call (listen to the record of outgoing call)

    o   Report on passenger trips by agency in month, fee calculation for agency, distribution printing by roads

    o   Report on closed passengers

    o  Report on working efficience of each navigation staff


Selected technology

  • Latest technology solution by Microsoft (programming language and database), compatible with new operating systems.
  • Integrated digial map by Google and Binh Anh’s digital map
  • Integrate data of GPS itinerary monitoring device (location, passenger occupation status) to taxi navigation system for assigning the nearest taxi

Our customers

Mai Linh Taxi (all North East area), Group Taxi, Thanh Nga Taxi, Ba Sao Taxi, Thanh Cong Taxi, Sao Ha Noi Taxi, Van Xuan Taxi, My Dinh Taxi , ABC Taxi , Vina Taxi , Thang Long Vang Taxi, Trung Kien Taxi, Hoang Anh Taxi, En Vang Taxi, EG Taxi, Thanh Dong Taxi, Hoang Ha Taxi, Ninh Binh Taxi, Tien Sa Taxi, Lam Son Taxi, The Ky Moi Taxi, Van Xuan Nghe An Taxi, Rong Vang Taxi, Sai Gon Taxi, Phuong Trang Taxi, Quyet tien Taxi , Minh Giang Taxi, Que Lua Taxi…