Taxi fare meter


Hardware details

  • Processor ARM Cortex M3 – STM32F205VET7 (industrial), can operate at 110o 120 Mhz speed
  • Monolithic LED design brings about nice appearance. Binh Anh makes the design and places order for manufacturing in Singapore
  • Data on passenger trips was stored in parallel in memory by both MRAM technology and Flash technology
  • Input voltage: 9V – 39V, protection for under voltage, over voltage, short-circuit. Some outputs are protected by self-recovery fuse
  • Integrated memory for greeting sound
  • Integrated amplifier and speaker, no need for external loudspeaker
  • Light sensor and thermal sensor on the fare meter help for smart interface display in specific weather conditions and for energy saving
  • USB connection for fare rate and sound input. Customer can have direct connection to their computer, without RS232 adapter
  • Port available for positioning device, taxi fare printer, POS device
  • Able to detect the passenger occupation status thank to infrared or seat sensor
  • Various LED identification helps the driver/ manager know the working status of the meter: connection to server, occupied or not, conflict, printer
  • Option: RFID card reader integrated in the meter for driver’s log-in, internal card payment.

Software details

  • Strictly follow regulations of BA-CodeStandard and CMSIS
  • Monitor detailed data for each taxi ride, maximum 500 rides: Time of getting-in, getting-off, amount of money, occupied time, unoccupied time, waiting time, etc
  • Support for fare calculation in urban, suburban area, returning direction, day/night fare, holiday fare or any specific day fare
  • Send all meter’s configuration to the server for central management: driver’s number, LED brightness, minimum/maximum speed, speaker volume, etc
  • Automatically send data on fare, printing content to the server for management, to avoid mistake input
  • Display the error at the meter, send the error code and its operating status to the management server
  • Support for remote data input to the meter (activated upon regulated)
  • Support for remote firmware update if software is connected to Binh Anh positioning system
  • Connected to itinerary monitoring device to transmit all and every meter’s status in second via BATXProtocol
  • Prevent some cheating tricks, such as: pulse hash, power supply unplugging, overspeed, engine off for floating, etc
  • Support for printing the passenger’s address in Vietnamese if software is connected to Binh Anh positioning system
  • Allow Binh Anh server to gain access to every ride in the memory

Software for fare input

  • This software has been developed on Visual Studio 2015, DevExpress. Professional, with professional and friendly interface
  • Allow to input, edit taxi’s fare, create password for fare management. Create password for software access
  • Connected to BA-Cloud server for fare data sync between center and garage. Fare center and garage will automatically receive this data via Internet; garage only receives but can’t edit the fare
  • Software is remotely updated. When Binh Anh releases a new version, all devices will automatically receive the update right after 01 minute to ensure system consistency
  • Software is secure and permission is granted for each device, privilege is granted for each function
  • Support for fare calculation of any specific day, holiday, day/night
  • Full data reading in the meter: fare price, configuration, taxi ride, accumulated total, in-shift data
  • Support to input printer data, support to configure the passenger sensor by infra-red
  • All actions for fare input are stored at Binh Anh server for later reference

Optional accessories

  • Mica protection box
  • Infrared passenger detection unit
  • Seat passenger detection unit (similar to private car’s sensor)
  • BA-PRT1 fare printer
  • Cable for pulse signal calibration


  • 01 year warranty
  • We can provide extended and lifetime warranty package
  • Technical service in Hanoi, Da Nang and HCMC