System for customer information

General overview

Besides providing positioning solutions, management software for transportation enterprise, to increase their business efficiency, Binh Anh also develops various systems to supply information to passenger.

System for sound broadcasting: On vehicle, a device will broadcast a specific sound in accordance with route, stop points. This system will automatically broadcast sound to instruct passengers, to advertise about enterprise and landscape.

Information system at vehicle’s stop point, on vehicle: At all stop points or on vehicle, LED or LCD displays will be installed to provide passengers information on coming bus, distance, estimated time. This type is suitable for fixed route information. Besides, we also provide service on mobile phone, so that customer can observe the coming vehicle, booking, etc for all inter-provincial coach.

System of combination between customer information and advertisement: is under development.

LED display system at the bus stop


Technical specification

  • Optional dimension for installation point, applicable length from 60cm to 3m
  • Power supply: 12 – 24V or 220V grid electricity
  • Each display consists of 03 lines of following information: Name of routes through this stop, distance of coming vehicle and company’s announcement
  • This device is equipped with GSM and GPS module for data transmission, time sync and location
  • Compatible with all Binh Anh positioning device, data update in 5 sec interval. Unit: 100m
  • Automatic turn off LED display if it’s out of route operation time. Energy saving
  • We also provide software to manage which display is on, what is shown on the display
  • Outdoor operational, high brightness for visible from up to 100m

Sound broadcasting system by route


Technical specification

  • Compact design, aluminum cover, designed for operation on vehicle
  • Power supply: 9V – 36V
  • Independent GPS receiver for positioning without itinerary monitoring system
  • Independent sound amplifier, compatible with high power loudspeaker of new car
  • Sound is stored in memory stick, easy upgrade
  • Binh Anh provides software for sound broadcasting setup, so customer can easily customize their sound