STaxi – Solution for taxi call via mobile


Main features

  • Solution for smart taxi navigation (BA SmartTaxi) is the complete combination of taxi navigation software, GPS and mobile app
  • Completely eliminate the race for passenger thank to technique of sending the nearest taxi and regulation of taxi assignment
  • Reduce unoccupied moving thank to technology of digital map and GPS technology
  • Maximal reduce load on walkie-talkie channel, heading to remove this channel
  • Drastically reduce workload for navigation staff thank to automatic trip assignment and interactive communication between drivers and passenger.
  • Customer can view information of their picking taxi, driver’s information (name, photo)
  • Digital map on the app helps driver find the most convenient road
  • System can automatically invite the passenger when the taxi is close to the passenger

Selected technology

  • Latest technology solution by Microsoft (programming language and database), compatible with new operating systems
  • Integrated digial map by Google and Binh Anh’s digital map
  • Integrate data of GPS itinerary monitoring device (location, passenger occupation status) to taxi navigation system for assigning the nearest taxi
  • Driver’s app can operate on mobile or tablet
  • Passenger’s app can operate on iOS and Android

Our customers

  • Ba Sao Taxi, Thanh Cong Taxi, Sao Ha Noi Taxi, VIP En Vang