Administration website for Taxi

Typical features of Webtaxi system

  1. Online monitoring
  • Flexible and effective online warning:
    • Warning for pulse hash
    • Pulse error
    • Clock connection loss
    • SOS
    • Over regulated driving time
    • Over speed …
  • View the whole enterprise vehicle system.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multi-taxi in a screen.
  • Management of vehicle current status
    • Vehicle current location
    • Vehicle information (speed, engine status, passenger occupation status)
    • Turnover
    • Car information of Ministry of Transportation
    • Continuous real-time update vehicle information.
  • Provide complete utilities on Monitoring webpage:
    • Finding nearby taxi
    • Finding nearest taxi
    • Finding taxi in garage
    • Distance measurement
    • Fare inquiry
    • Road Navigation
    • Region display
    • Scheduling
  1. Route View
  • Support for multi-day view (maximum 01 weeks)
  • Route Preview in webpage
  • Information on Route: pickup/discharge point, stop points, warning points
  1. Finding lost item fuctions
  • Support for finding lost item by surrounding regions (using list of available surrounding points)
  • Finding by region
  • Finding by acrossed points
  • Support for multi-day finding
  1. General Overview
  • Overview all enterprise’s activities
  1. Various report system for enterprise
  • Reports on turnover and business efficiency
  • Reports to support for business strategy
  • Reports on vehicle’s activities
  • Reports on traffic violations
  • Detailed and thorough statistic on:
    • Turnover on each passenger turn, by region, by district or by point
    • Physical fare setup information
    • Vehicle route
    • Activity summary
    • Violations on pulse harsh
    • Park/Stop report
    • Overspeed
    • Signal loss
    • Visual graphs, linked closely to reports
  1. Report system as per MoT standard
  • Complete compliance to QCVN 31: 2014/BGTVT standard, issued by Minitry of Transportation.
  1. Service Module
  • Close-loop management for taxi maintenance, service
  • Management of legal document for it’s expiry date (registration, badge, insurance, etc)
  • Specific warning page: serviced-to-be taxi, expired-to-be legal document, etc.
  1. Administration fuction
  • Administration of taxi
  • Administration of group
  • Administration of driver
  • Administration of point, region
  1. Support for specialized functions suitable for each type of business
  • Management of chartered trip
  • Management of trip of agreement
  • Management of trip to the airport


  • Web Taxi provides enterprise an online, friendly, reliable and cost effective solution of management, monitoring and navigation of taxi: reducing cost, time, human resource for taxi management and navigation.
  • Improve efficiency in taxi navigation and utilization thank to fuctions of finding nearest taxi, finding parking taxi in the specific region for dynamic navigation, arranging appropriate taxi for passenger pickup. If administration is good enough, 20% of unoccupied moving will be reduced.
  • Manage, monitor activities of each and every taxi: avoid using car for out-of-business activities, make driver’s utilization of taxi asset transparent, warning for long parking: which can increase 10% utilization time of each taxi, actively monitor procedure of operation, maintenance.
  • Based on system warnings to timely address and solve any violations that may cause dis-reputation to the enterprise, increase service quality, as well as competitiveness.
  • Function of finding lost item help to make enterprise closer to their customer, bringing customer’s trust to their service.
  • With complete, clear report system, financial turnover of each taxi is clear, then human resource in accounting can be reduced.
  • Reduce risk and legal responsibility for enterprise owner to the State agencies.