Administration website for bus

Typical fuctions

  1. Online monitoring:
  • View current bus location
  • Information of bus route
  • Daily km
  • Speed
  • Status of Air-con, door, engine
  • News of Ministry of Transportation
    • Driver
    • Driving licence
    • Times of overspeed
    • Continuous driving duration
    • Driving time in a day
  1. Route modelling:
  • An excellent functions
  • Each route is modelled visually.
  • User can determine which bus is in depart direction, which bus is in return, which bus is near or which bus is overspeed, based on the color code.
  1. Route review
  • Rebuild the bus route on the map, and support for viewing bus route at any specific time, with such information as physical speed, GPS speed, and total moving distance.
  1. Route management, Bus assignment
  • Allow user to create their own bus route
  • Input departure/return direction, operation time, operation frequency for each route
  1. Bus point management
  • Allow user to create system for bus point management. Those points would be bus-stop, spacing point, checkpoint, fuel point…
  • Each kind of point will be shown by its specific symbol.
  1. Horizontal graph input
  • Allow to create a graph, that regulates operation of bus routes from an existing excel file to the software
  • Graph would show that how many each route is divided into; how many turn in each route; in each turn, which ends is the start point; beginning time/closing time.
  1. Daily schedule input
  • This function allow user to assign turn of each bus in each route based on the schedule.
  1. Verification of missing turn
  • This function used to make statistic on missing turns in case of bus failure (accident, damage, etc) or in case system cannot retrieve bus turn. User must verify their missing turn in daily basis.
  1. Various type of report system
  • Report group on bus turn operation
  • Report group on bus turn general
  • Report group on other special purposes …
  1. Reports as MoT Standard
  • Complete report form as 2014 standard, timely update to current circular, legal document:
  • Route report
  • Speed report by second
  • Overspeed report
  • Driving time report
  • General report for bus
  • General report for driver
  1. Administration system
  • Administration of bus: Managing bus route information, bus and route assignment
  • Administration of driver, ticket saleman
  • Administration of user of each management level


  1. Bus administration software is a solution for professional management of bus enterprise by creating bus routes, bus-stops in each route, daily bus schedule and monitoring bus by the schedule.
  2. This software is built to reduce time and human resource in bus administration
  3. Eliminate many kinds of printed paper by e-document to increase working efficiency, save time and human resource.
  4. Manage information of drivers, ticket salemen to increase driver’s responsibility in ensuring safety in traffic.
  5. This software strictly complies with professional procedure and best optimized for management of bus schedule, bus-stops and daily monitoring.

System Images