Administration website for coach and truck

Typical features of online administration management WebGPS

  1. Online monitoring feature
  • Management of vehicle’s current status
  • Vehicle’s current location
  • Vehicle information (speed, fuel data, tank lift/drop status, door, engine, A/C, parking status, in-vechile temperature, etc)
  • Standard information of Ministry of Transformation
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multi-vehicle in a screen.
  • Effective and flexible online notification
  • Warning for goods discharging at wrong point
  • Warning if driver is about to violate driving duration by Ministry of Transportation
  • Warning for overspeed
  • Warning for long parking
  • Warning for fuel withdrawing.
  • Warning sent by SMS, email: Support for direct report by email, SMS for some specific warnings: Overspeed, Signal loss, etc.
  • Map: Support for Google map, satellite map, Binh Anh map, etc.
  • System supports for warning zone, warning point, checkpoint, fuel graph.
  1. Function to review vehicle route
  • Support user to view daily coach route, and other information: Time, physical speed, GPS speed, engine status.
  • Review car route by day
  • Quick view of vehicle route from online monitoring webpage
  • Support for fuel information by each report (for customer of fuel meter)
  1. Report in accordance with Ministry of Transportation regulation
  • Full set of reports under Minitry of Transportation’s regulation in 2011 and 2014, frequently update according to circular, legal document:
  • Route report
  • Speed report by second
  • Overspeed report
  • Driving time report
  • General report for vehicle
  • General report for driver
  1. Report by each company
  • Provide reports in need by the company:
  • Coach
  • Truck
  • Bus
  • Concrete transport
  • Cement transport
  • Freeze freight transport
  • General report system: Collect information of promotion, operation time
  • Operation report system: Collect vehicle information getting in/out checkpoint, toll gate.
  • Fuel report system: Make a full and accurate statistics on times of fueling, and information of consumed fuel and regulated fuel for each vehicle.
  • Schedule report system: Make statistics on vehicle’s schedule, managing daily trips made for trip arrangement (very convenient for coach, fixed route vehicle, bus, etc). This system also support for trip management, as for Hanoi bus.
  • Various type of reports such as Parking report, Concrete Report, Engine Report, Dumper lifting report: help customer manage and monitor all information in detail and clearly..
  1. Function of photo view, management of expiry date of legal document, service
  • Managing service items, information of vehicle under service, serviced-to-be vehicle, serviced one
  • Managing expiry date of legal document: entrance licence for restricted streets, registration licence, etc. to support user on the expiry date

System Advantages

  • Supply online visual, highly realiable and cost effective solutions for transportation enterprises to manage, monitor and navigate their vehicle: reduction on cost, time, and human resource for vehicle management.
  • Increase efficiency of vehicle navigation and exploitation.
  • Manage, monitor each and every vehicle: avoid using vehicle for out-of-business using, actively control procedure for vehicle operation and service.
  • System warnings help to timely detect and solve any negative activities that affect enterprise’s reputation, to increase service quality, then increase enterprise competitiveness
  • Reduce risk and legal responsibility for enterprise owner.

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