3G camera


BA-MDVR1 is a mobile digital video recorder, specially designed for on-vehicle or remote monitoring. This camera is equipped with a high speed processor, Linux as well as H.264 video compression technology. BA-MDVR1 is equipped with a GPS receiver to determine vehicle’s location, to locate and record for its route. This camera can support 720P, WD1, HD1 and CIF video standard. Moreover, it also supports wifi connection for data uploading to server. Module design for easy installation and maintenance.


Main features

  • Support 4 x AHD channels and 1 x 720P HD channel
  • Data storage by HDD or SSD, up to 2TB long and very long data archive is supported
  • GPS receiver is integrated for vehicle’s position and route
  • Optional wifi receiver for data uploading
  • Support for 3G/4G for remote tracking and monitoring
  • Anti-vibration and typical design for on-vehicle working environment
  • Support for data backup via USB 2.0 port

Detail technical specification

Main features preview, video Storage, replay, network connection, positioning
OS Linux 3.0.8
Configured by network configuration, by mouse (3G/4G/Wifi)
Video input 4 x AHD channels + 1 x 720P channel
Video output 1 channel
Connectivity PAL: (4×25)FPS WD1+30FPS 720P(IPC)or (4×12)FPS 720P(AHD)+30FPS 720P(IPC) NTSC: (4×30)FPS WD1 +30FPS 720P (4×15)FPS 720P(AHD)+30FPS 720P(IPC)
Video format
Power level 1 Vpp
Impedance 75Ω NTSC/PAL
Audio input 5 x channels (1 channel on IPC)
Video output 1 channel
Multi-screen view 1/4/9
OSD GPS data, warnings, plate number, speed, date/time
Interface Transparent, data display by image.
Audio/Video compression H.264/ADPCM
Image resolution Analog: PAL: 720P(1280X720) WD1(928X576),WHD1(928X288),WCIF(464X288), D1(704X576),HD1(704×288),CIF(352×288); NTSC: 720P(1280X720) WD1(928X480),WHD1(928X240),WCIF(464X240), D1(704×480),HD1(704×240),CIF(352×240); Digital: 720P(1280X720);
Image quality level 1 -8, level 1 is with the best quality
Saving mode when Start/ Option/ Timed/ Event
Replay mode 1 replay channel on the device
Search mode by date/time, by channel or event
Ethernet port 6-pin DJ(100M x 1, PON power supply)
3G support 3G/4G
Wifi support optional, support for 802.11b/g/n/EVDO/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE
GPS determine position, speed and time sync
Storage 1x 2.5″ SATA HDD
USB connection 1 x 2.0 USB
RS232/485 interface 1 x RS232
Sensor interface 8 input, 2 output
Sound recording interface 1 input
Voltage input DC8-36V, key signal
Voltage output 5V@1A
Total power 32W
Dimensions 206.0mm x 190.0mm x 70.4mm
Weight 1.24Kg
Operating temperature  -10℃- +70℃
Humidity 8%-90% (non-condense)

Connection map


Software features

  • Video management and video live play via Internet
  • Simultaneous multi-channel and multi-vehicle monitoring
  • Live sound on vehicle via recorder’s microphone
  • Display vehicle’s position, speed and route
  • Replay the stored video
  • Remotely download video on vehicle to PC
  • Display warnings, notifications
  • Remote configuration
  • User permission control grant and management
  • Play and manage video via mobile phone by iOS and Android -based software